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[Official Review] Summer In Mara [Nintendo Switch]

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Review code provided by the developers (Thank you!)


Summer in Mara introduces us to Koa, a young girl that was abandoned at a young age and rescued by Yaya, an old fish lady.

Koa now lives with Yaya on a remote island and Yaya acts as her paternal figure.


At the beginning of the game, we are given a few tasks that introduce us to the game's main mechanics such as cutting down trees, fishing, that kind of thing...

Meanwhile, we see Koa interact with Yaya and we get to know them both a bit better.

After we have completed all tasks Yaya leaves in search of provisions, we are told we cannot go with her and we are left on our own.


Later Yaya fails to return home and we embark on our journey to find her.


The game's introduction is fairly well made, a bit...​

Pokemon Home Gets v1.2.0 Update, Fixes a Glaring Problem

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Nintendo has just recently rolled out an update to Pokemon Home which provides a slew of significant changes, including a problem that plagued the system for months since its release.

Consequently, users can no longer set impossible conditions when putting up trades in the app's global trading system.

For example, asking for a Cinderace below its normal evolution level.

Source: Micky

Here's What You Need To Know About The Pokémon Sword & Shield Isle of Armor DLC

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In just less than a week, Pokémon Sword/Shield players will get to experience additional content for the game via the Isle of Armor expansion which includes:​
  • A new island to explore​
  • New Pokémon and Pokémon evolutions​
  • Additional list of Pokémon capable of Gigantamaxing​
  • An all-new addition to the series, the "cram-o-matic" machine​
The DLC releases on June 17, 2020.

You can watch the following video for additional details on the Isle Of Armor DLC

Source: Micky

German Podcast, GameStar, Reveals New Information About Cyberpunk 2077

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A slew of juicy information was extracted at the recently held podcast by German video game magazine, GameStar, which talked about the game's development status, gameplay elements, etc.

CD Projekt Red strives to work on the game, despite the constraints posed by COVID-19.

Source: Micky

Run 'n' Gun, Roguelite Shooter, Neon Abyss, Is Now Heading To Consoles

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After several months of causing havoc and killing "New Gods" on PC, run 'n' gun, roguelite shooter, Neon Abyss, is now coming to consoles.

The game was developed by indie developer, Veewo Games, and is being published by Team17.

Source: Micky

Successful Kickstarter Project, Steamdolls, Will Feature The Voices Of Snake And Otacon

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An in-development Metroidvania title, Steamdolls: Order of Chaos, has garnered enough financial support via its Kickstarter campaign that its developers have decided to bring in the prolific talents of David Hayter and Christopher Randolph to lend their voices to characters in the game.

The Kickstarter campaign is still on-going if you which to contribute to the project.

Source: Micky

Sony Japan's Mascot is Getting its Own Mobile Game, It Will Be Titled "Toro and Friends"

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The anthromorphic cat Toro, Sony Japan's mascot, is getting its own mobile title with Toro and Friends, which mixes gameplay akin to that of Candy Crush with the simulation genre.

Source: Micky

Ratchet & Clank Gets a New Installment with Rift Apart, Comes Exclusively to PlayStation 5

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Insomniac Games' beloved franchise, Ratchet & Clank, is getting a new installment with Ratchet & Clank: Rift Apart and comes in progress as an exclusive PS5 title.

The game seems to feature a more interactive environment, a space-warp feature, and all the things that are familiar to the series.

Source: Micky

Award-winning Mecha Title, Hardcore Mecha, Coming to Nintendo Switch

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After a year of its release on both PC and PlayStation, indie mecha title, Hardcore Mecha, is finally coming over to the Nintendo Switch on October 2020.

Japan and other Asian territories will be getting a physical release of the game while the rest of the world will be getting it in digital format only.

Source: Micky

News  Nintendo Switch Gets a New Firmware Update (10.0.4)

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A new firmware update for the Nintendo Switch is now available here's the changelog:

Ver. 10.0.4 (Released June 4, 2020)

Fixed the following issue:

We have fixed the issue where it was not possible in some countries or regions to add funds using a new credit card or to register credit card information in Nintendo eShop on Nintendo Switch.

If you were having issues linking a credit card to your account before, the issue should now be resolved.

Source: Nintendo

Unused "harem valentine" scene discovered in Persona 5 Royal by dataminer

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A dataminer stumbled upon a deleted scene in the Chinese version of Persona 5 Royal, this scene appears to be an unused version of the Valentine Day event.

If the event is added back into the final version of the game, the same can be unlocked by choosing Royal's "Bad Ending" and engaging in an intimate relationship to more than just one female character in-game.

Source: Micky

Play Xenoblade Chronicles 2 Get 100,000G on Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition

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Players who have a Xenoblade Chronicles 2 save file can claim a reward of 100,000G when booting up Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition the first time.

Alternatively, players can also opt not to take the reward and play Xenoblade Chronicles Definitive Edition as normal.

Source: Micky

"Natsume Indie Program": A Business-Driven Collaborative Project with Independent Developers

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Natsume is continuing its search for independent developers who have the skill and shared values it does when making games.

The campaign is slated to extend beyond 2020.

Applications are still ongoing.

Source: Micky

A Chinese Food Company is Hiring an Experienced Animal Crossing Player for In-game Marketing

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  • 2

Yummy House, a Chinese food company based in Hong Kong, is on the lookout for an experienced Animal Crossing player to build an island and promote its business in-game.


The company is willing to provide a Nintendo Switch, a copy of Animal Crossing: New Horizons, and a monthly remuneration of HKD 20,000 ($2500) to those who apply for the job.

Source: Micky

Ken-Ichiro Imaizumi Reportedly Left Kojima Productions for Tencent Europe

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Previously reported for leaving Kojima Productions due to creative differences with his fellow directors, Ken-Ichiro Imaizumi, a longstanding colleague and subsequent business partner to Hideo Kojima, is said to be joining Tencent Europe.


There is not yet an official word from either Kojima Productions or Ken-Ichiro Imaizumi regarding the matter.

Source: Micky

Death Stranding First Edition Gets Steelbook, Other Freebies in Japan

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The highly-anticipated PC port of Death Stranding is getting a "First Edition" release in Japan, which comes with a Steelbook case, digital art, original soundtrack, and exclusive in-game bonuses.


The game itself will come in the form of a code, redeemable via Steam.


People from overseas can get this version of the game by ordering from retailers that operate within the land of the rising sun.

Source: Micky

A Compendium of Atooi-Produced 3DS Games Is Finally Getting A Physical Release In North America

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After a long delay, The Atooi Collection may finally be getting its long-awaited physical release thanks to Limited Run Games.

But nothing is final yet until Nintendo approves a few things prior to the game's manufacturing process.

Source: Micky

Latin America's Biggest Games Festival to Kickstart as a Digital Event in June 22

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Brazil's Independent Games (BIG) Festival, Latin America's largest gaming-centric gathering, is about to launch this year as a digital-only event. That is, in response to the ongoing coronavirus outbreak.


The event will officially begin on June 22, 2020 until June 26, 2020.

Registration is now up.

Early registrants will get exclusive perks prior to the actual event.

Source: Micky

Mario Kart Tour Gets donkey Kong-Themed Jungle Tour, Dixie and Funky Kong Are Now Part Of The Roster

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Mario Kart Tour, the free-to-play mobile version of the popular Mario Kart franchise, has just got a massive update with the "Jungle Tour."

The update brings together Funky Kong and Dixie Kong as additional characters as well as a new racing vehicle called Rambi Ride into the game.

Source: Micky

News  Nintendo Switch Gets A New Firmware Update (10.0.3)

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Nintendo has just released a new firmware update for Nintendo Switch family systems

Here's the official changelog:
"General system stability improvements to enhance the user's experience."
Here's a more detailed - unofficial changelog:
"The following files in CertStore were updated: "/ssl_CaFingerprints.bdf" and "/ssl_TrustedCerts.bdf"

-Added one new CA, for "The USERTRUST Network" ("USERTrust RSA Certification Authority").

-Updated a CA entry which was set to expire on May 30, 2020."
This translates to
"Changes made to the web browser"

Atmosphere should work right off the bat if you update to 10.0.3.