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Important Read DarkSoftware Rules and Guidelines 3.3

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Samet Takao

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Mar 10, 2018
DarkSoftware Rules and Guidelines 3.3

Appropriate actions will be taken against those that ignore or attempt to bypass these rules and guidelines. The action that will be taken will be determined by DKS Staff and will depend on the severity of the violation.

Please remember:

  • If you would like to delete your own account. Please contact us with Samet Takao Samet Chan conversation.

  • For example. To write a conversation your own reply that you could: I confirm that I would like to delete my Account data and signature with your own type: [email address].

  • Please stop sending the email, we won't reply to your email back, our email is only receiving and notification sending the users, however, email is a `noreply` please understand that we are acceptable only with logging in the your own account to create the conversation with me: SametKepler

  • It is not possible to downgrade your PS4 or Nintendo Switch, etc console so don't ask if it is possible then stop spam from this DKS forum!

- We are an ENGLISH speaking forum, So please refrain from using any other languages.
General rules are as followed:
  1. Do not spam, or type in Caps lock!
  2. No arguing with staff members. Staff always has the final word.
  3. No Offensive names.
  4. No Racism, Sexual slurs/harassing manners, or jokes regarding Suicide, PERIOD!
  5. Do not Troll or harass others. While we do allow members to debate and voice their own opinions, there will be a limit to how far a heated debate can go before it is closed by staff.
  6. Please show respect for all members at Darksoftware; new or old.
  7. Do not ask when Jailbreak's latest version than the current version will come out, we don't know, nobody knows. No speculation threads either.
  8. The shoutbox is meant for general chit-chat.
  9. Only 1 thread per game.
  10. If you have a problem with a link or if a user is harassing you use the report button or PM the staff.
  11. If your profile picture (pfp) has gore, disgusting imagery, or has a character(s)/Person(s) with their genitalia exposed or similar it will be removed and you may get a warning or a suspension.
  12. If you want a game request then post it in the request section for any console.
  13. To become an "uploader" on the forum you must have published at least 3 games.
  14. Impersonating the staff is not cool, doing so will result in a ban.
  15. Exploiting the forum is a big no-no we also check for login attempts, if you're trying to access the Admin Panel you will most likely get warned or suspended.
  16. Backsit moderating is not allowed.
  17. Only game uploaders and staff are allowed to post early game leaks (this is to avoid brickware on the Nintendo Switch section)
  18. Do not take any word of mouth seriously.
  19. Do not post porn/gore/etc.
  20. Do not post mirror links without the OP's consent, if the OP hasn't logged-in in a long time then you can post mirror links, and notify a mod so they can put your link in the OP afterward ("uploaders" are exempt from this rule).
  21. Do not link to any other forums, Unless they are a Partner.
  22. Advertising is not allowed, Unless a Partner.
  23. Dupe accounts are not allowed.
  24. PS4 tools may be marked by your antivirus, it's most likely a false-positive so don't worry.
  25. The usage of "shorteners" is allowed. Do not abuse them tho.
  26. File-hosts that limit download speeds A LOT, seem sketchy, and are mostly "premium" are now banned, a few examples: Share-Online, Rapidgator, Uploaded...
  27. Do not post crack accounts or steal accounts, database & user leaked, exploit illegal.
  28. Do not create an account for email disposable or Temporary, you will be banned and cannot be lifted. You have the right to make a primary or dummy from Gmail, Outlook, Yahoo, if any email is an official like China or Russia, etc is allowed.
Warnings & Bans
  • If Staff feels you have violated any of our rules, They will punish you accordingly.
  • Warnings can be reviewed by clicking on the percentage of warnings under the member's username within a topic or in their profile. Other members outside of the forum staff cannot see your warning level.
  • When a member has been warned by staff, the member will also receive a personal message from that staff member explaining why they were warned. Members may reply to this PM to explain their actions, ask a question, or if they think they were warned in error; they may say so.
  • Bans are permanent unless ruled by Staff, but often unlikely.
  • When your account reaches 5 warnings, the account will be banned.
  • We monitor for duplicate accounts actively. So don't bother.
Avatars & Signatures
  • No Advertising/External Links, other than to DKS forum posts, DKS sites, or MyAnimeList/AP profiles.
  • Signatures must be 500 pixels wide by 300 pixels high max for static and animated gif images and no more than 5 lines of text after that.
We hope you participate in the conversations, and we hope to see you around! Join in on our Discord or in Shoutbox!

DarkSoftware Staff.
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