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DKS Member
Jan 23, 2023


Region: EUR / US / AS / JP
Type: Permanent Themes
Size: 11.1GB + 152MB + 154MB + 345MB + 260MB + 1.52GB + 57.1MB + 74.1MB + 22.1MB
Password: Darksoftware
[Hidden content]
Download link:
764 Permanent Themes
[Hidden content]
7 Permanent Themes
[Hidden content]
10 Permanent Themes
[Hidden content]
20 Permanent Themes
[Hidden content]
16 Permanent Themes
[Hidden content]
97 Permanent Themes
[Hidden content]
3 Permanent Themes
[Hidden content]
7 Permanent Themes Vol. 2
[Hidden content]
2 Permanent Themes
[Hidden content]
Trail of Dead Theme
[Hidden content]
How to install:
First install the pkg starting with 1-, and then the pkg starting with 2-

or the easier method to install all permanent themes, copy only the pkgs of the themes to your external dd and in Packages Installer, made Install all ;)
Thank you
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DKS Member
Jan 24, 2023
tried the first 2 links and they didnt work so i gave up after that. links are dead and go to nothing.

Possible could be a problem on my end but not sure how to test if it is, because i am able to go everywhere else except your links so far.
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