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  • B @ brewman:
    y does it block me if i dont have a addblocker on
  • B @ brewman:
    it tgells me to refresh but it still says i have addblocker but i dont
  • B @ brewman:
    can someone help
  • Samet Takao @ Samet Takao:
    B brewman, Could you PM me at conversation?
  • M @ meatwod:
    anyone know if it is possible to patch Metroid prime remastered to run on SXOS as XCI on 11.x.x?
  • M @ meatwod:
    I want to run it on my lite with SX lite chip
  • Samet Takao @ Samet Takao:
    M meatwod, You can post on Nintendo Switch section
  • M @ meatwod:
    Thanks ,I posted in the thread for the game
  • A @ Asure:
    Lots of malicious site warnings today on darksoftware.
  • A @ Asure:
    B brewman you probably have PiHole somewhere blocking then, i have the same issue.
  • T @ TurboSnail:
    Anyone use this for RE4 Remake?
  • L @ Leiryc91:
    Hi guys, please did someone already installed the 1.45 version of Dead Cells ? I'm trying but it doesn't work.
  • Samet Takao @ Samet Takao:
    L Leiryc91, Post on PS4 FPKG Discussion, they're able to help you...
  • John Vango @ John Vango:
    Someone on gbatemp claims to have the new zelda game Screenshot_20230329_070822_Chrome351353cda4742973.md.jpeg
  • DorianX @ DorianX:
    you will need day one update
  • destrodark28 @ destrodark28:
    Hi everyone just a question has anyone been able to do all the dlc for Sims 4 with part 22 missing?
  • Samet Takao @ Samet Takao:
    destrodark28 destrodark28, i suggest u can report that missing to author only..
  • destrodark28 @ destrodark28:
    Ok will do
  • Samet Takao @ Samet Takao:
    You've been tricked.
  • 2 @ 2pac4life:
    Ahhh no it's back again lol sites been taken down again, made me laugh ,, ya defo got me fooled lol then i found out April fools day lol
  • EchoStretch @ EchoStretch:
    happy weekend everyone
  • rh2016koul @ rh2016koul:
    how to download wwe 2k23
  • seanp2500 @ seanp2500:
    oh crap they got me too!
  • Jackfavvv @ Jackfavvv:
  • Jackfavvv @ Jackfavvv:
    Nah, just kidding XD
  • @ ♣zx♣:
    oh! the site's back again. it almost gave me a heart attack yesterday. almost as if "oh no! should I delete my search history too?" then I realized afterwards that the date was April 1. my goodness!
    @ ♣zx♣: oh! the site's back again. it almost gave me a heart attack yesterday. almost as if "oh no...